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Why Duro-Last®?

Quality commercial roofing solutions from an industry innovator.
  • Duro-Last® Durability: When your roofing system is remarkably resistant to fire, chemicals and grease as well as punctures and high winds, it can take extreme weather like a champ, it's watertight and virtually maintenance-free...durability isn't just a question; it's an absolute given!
  • Pre-Engineered for Your Satisfaction: After Scudder Roofing technicians calculate the exact measurements needed for your project, up to 85% of a Duro-Last® system membrane will be pre-fabricated to the exact size necessary in a factory-controlled environment before it arrives on a job site. This helps to greatly reduce any material waste, and it also lessens the seaming/rooftop work necessary in the field that can often lead to roof leaks. In short, there are no "ifs" with a Duro-Last® roof that's been custom-tailored for your specific needs and your specific building.
  • Energy Efficiency Is Just the Beginning: A Duro-Last® roof can reduce energy and cooling costs for your commercial property. This will, in turn, cut your bottom line operating costs and save you money! In fact, Duro-Last's® white membrane can cut your building's energy consumption by up to 40% due to it's highly reflective white surface. Not only that, a Duro-Last® roof is completely recyclable and can aid commercial facilities with certain LEED certifications.
  • Swift & Efficient Installation: Because a Duro-Last® roof is a single membrane, you can rest assured that the entire installation process is quick and efficent with less steps and less waste. This also means less disruptions for your business and more money in your pocket! A Duro-Last® system means your roof installation will be quiet, efficient, and above all, safe!
  • The Best Warranties in the Business: Duro-Last® protects commercial and industrial buildings/owners with a comprehensive 15-year full warranty or a 20-year prorated warranty. Both warranties are transferrable and will provide you with maximum protection as well as thorough coverage against damages caused by roofing issues like ponding water. The warranties also include coverage for consequential damages resulting from defects in the Duro-Last® material.
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