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You’ve Got Questions? Pete’s Got Answers!

Question: “Pete, what do you think about GAF roofing shingles vs. other brands like Owens Corning or CertainTeed? Do you feel like paying extra for the 30lb felt would be worth in in the long run?”

Answer:  “All of these are comparable products and they also have similar material warranties. I’d suggest that you choose a product your roofing contractor is certified to install as well as a product you really like the look of. Always remember, it’s important to make sure your contractor meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s guidelines. This includes the proper underlayment and venting systems. As for the 30lb felt, yes, it’s definitely worth the upgrade vs. the standard 15lb felt. You can also upgrade to one of the shingle manufacturer-recommended underlayments. With CertainTeed for example, this would be the Diamond Deck underlayment.”  –  Pete Scudder