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The Top 70 Metal Roofing Facts and Figures

The summer is already here. Is your roof ready to weather the upcoming storms and wind gusts, beaming sun rays that can drive up your AC costs while putting increased load on your HVAC systems, and large hail that can literally destroy asphalt shingle on impact and is quite prevalent in many parts of the country?

Did you know? A metal roof can be a sensible way to protect your home, especially if you happen to live in an area that experiences a lot of storms, rapid temperature changes, beaming sun that melts asphalt, large hail, or heavy snowfall. — Just ask any resident of Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, upstate New York, Northern New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and they will readily attest to this! ?

If you are considering installing a new metal roof on your home or commercial property this Summer, here are the top 70, most essential metal roofing facts, myths, FAQs, and pros and cons to consider in your buying and decision making process.

Read the full article here ——>http://www.metalroofing.systems/top-70-metal-roofing-facts-faqs-costs-myths-pros-and-cons/

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